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Welcome to the personal website of Justin Fong, Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne.

My research primarily explores how technologies – particularly robotics – can be used to help those with movement impairment in assistive and rehabilitative applications. The current focus of my research is the analysis and evaluation of wearable devices, particularly exoskeletons.

I currently lead the ALEX Exoskeleton team for Cybathlon 2020, scheduled for September this year. I’ve been involved in the EMU upper limb rehabilitation robot project, and previously the Armsleeve patient monitoring project.  I have a keen interest in translation of research to commercial outcomes, and have previously been a participant and a member of the delivery team of the Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) program.

I also initiated the CANOpen Robot Controller (CORC) Toolbox, an open source robotic development software stack for any device running with CANOpen hardware – we welcome any users and contributors here.

I currently work within the Human Robotic Laboratory and the Fourier Intelligence – University of Melbourne Joint Laboratory